Project publications

Listed below are relevant publications by the chief investigators of the ARC Linkage Project "Australia and the European Union: a study of a changing trade and business relationship".

Publications by Linda Botterill

  • ‘Ethical food standard schemes and global trade: Paralleling the WTO?’ (2012) Policy and Society 31(4) 307-317 (with Carsten Daugbjerg)
  • ‘Private food standards in international trade’ (2012) New Zealand Law Journal March 2012: 44-46
  • 'Engaging with Private Sector Standards: A case study of GLOBALG.A.P ' (2012) Australian Journal of International Affairs 65(4): 485-501 (with Carsten Daugbjerg)
  • ‘Institutions and Value Conflicts: The World Trade Organization and the Rise of Global private Food Standards’ (2012) Paper presented at the International Political Science Association’s XXII World Congress of Political Science, Madrid 8 – 12 July 2012 (with Carsten Daugbjerg)

Publications by Pierre van der Eng:

  • ‘Defining a new relationship between Australia and the EU.’ (with Don Kenyon)
  • ‘Trade of services between Australia and the European Union: Dimensions and issues’ (with Hussain Rammal and Genrikh Salata).
  • ‘Does psychic and institutional distance reduce the performance of foreign subsidiaries? The case of Australasian firms in Europe.’
  • ‘FDI location choice of Australian multinationals in Europe: Economic and institutional factors.’
  • ‘Managing Political Imperatives: Strategic Responses of Philips in Australia, 1939-1945.’
  • ‘Limits of FDI legitimacy, national embeddedness and political influence: Philips in Australia, 1945-1980.’
  • ‘European integration and Australian manufacturing industry: The case of Philips Electronics, 1960s-1970s.’

Publications by Karen Hussey:

  • 'Regulatory divergences: A barrier to trade and a potential source of trade disputes' (2011) Australian Journal of International Affairs, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 381-393.(with Don Kenyon)
  • Henriksen, C, Hussey, K & Holm, P 2011, 'Exploiting Soil-Management Strategies for Climate Mitigation in the European Union: Maximizing "Win-Win" Solutions across Policy Regimes', Ecology and Society, vol. 16, no. 4, p. 22.
  • Hussey, K & Lightfoot, S 2010, 'A new era for EU-australia relations? sustainable development and the challenge of climate change as litmus test', The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, vol. 99, no. 410, pp. 503-513.

Publications by Don Kenyon:

  • ‘Regulatory Divergences: A barrier to Trade and a Potential Source of Trade Disputes’, Australian Journal of International Affairs, 65(4) 381-393 (with Karen Hussey)
  • ‘Australia and Europe’ in Ravenhill, John and Cotton, James (eds.) Middle Power Dreaming: Australia in World Affairs 2006-2010 (Oxford University Press for The Australian Institute of International Affairs, 2011) 111-128 (with David Lee).
  • ‘Australia and the European Union: A Relationship Driven by Trade’ in No Eutopia: The European Union Today, AIIA Policy Commentary No.12. (Canberra: Australian Institute of International Affairs, 2012) 33-42.
  • ‘Defining a New Relationship between Australia and the EU’ (with Pierre van der Eng).

Publications by Anne McNaughton:

  • 'The Lisbon Treaty: the latest stage of European Integration' (2012) Euro Legal Studies, vol. 1, no. 2012, pp. 11-14.
  • 'European Law' (2011) LegalDate, vol. 23, pp. 2-4
  • 'Integrating services markets: A comparison of European Union and Australian experiences' (2011) Australian Journal of International Affairs, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 454-468.

Publications by Hussain Rammal:

  • Australia-EU Trade in Services: The Case of Professional Services Firms (with Christopher Findlay)


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