Don Aitken Blog

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Canberra, Don Aitkin, was one of the ANU’s most distinguished political scientists. He was head of the department of political science in the Research School of Social Sciences, for many years before taking on the University of Canberra role as Vice Chancellor. His current blog page is updated daily.

Parliamentary Studies Centre

This former Centre was begun at the Australian National University by Professor John Uhr, who has subsumed the former Centre into the new ANU Centre for the Study of Australian Politics. The former Centre was funded in part from an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant which has expired. The Parliamentary Studies Centre’s archive of research papers and conference reports will be maintained through the new Centre for the Study of Australian Politics, directed by Professor Uhr.

Australian Political Studies Association

The Australian Political Studies Association is the professional association for those teaching and researching political science in Australia. We encourage practitioners, policy makers, students and researchers in cognate disciplines to join the Association. APSA works in association with similar bodies internationally.

The Australasian Study of Parliament Group

TThe Australasian Study of Parliament Group (ASPG) is a politically non-partisan body which was established in 1979 to encourage and stimulate research, writing, teaching and discussion about parliamentary institutions, particularly those in Australasia and the South Pacific.

Center for the Study of American Politics (Yale)

The Center for the Study of American Politics was created to promote the work of scholars i nteh field of American Politics. Using a broad set of methodological approaches and enjoying the advantages of deep knowledge of American politics, Americanists have made signal contributions to our understanding of political institutions and behaviour. The Yale Centre for the Study of American Politics is dedicated to furthering this intellectual tradition.

Centre for the Study of Politics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Faculty and student researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are revolutionising the way journalists cover and study politics, advertising and media coverage

Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life (University of London)

The Centre aims to engage with key issues in British politics and public life through public debates, conferences, lectures, seminars and seminar series, and workshops

The Australian Centre: The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies UniMelb

The Australian Centre investigates Australian identity and issues of cultural and environmental diversity, with an emphasis on forms of public culture and public space. We focus on exploring the interactions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, and examining Australia within comparative and global contexts.

Clark Centre for Australia and New Zealand Studies, University of Texas, Austin

The Center conducts a wide array of research studies, many in collaboration with Australian and New Zealand scholars, that focus on the antipodean countries and their relations with the U.S.: political and legal issues and institutions; trade and related economic issues; immigration and multiculturalism; issues of ethnicity, race, and gender; ecology and energy questions; the histories, literatures, film and art of Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Studies Centre, Renmin University of China

The Australian Studies Centre is a teaching and research institution of Renmin University of China. The Centre was officially established on 19 November 1999. The aim of the Centre is to help more people know more about Australia.

Centre for Australian Studies - Copenhagen University

The Centre for Australian Studies was established in 2005 in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST), and Monash University. It represented the culmination of two decades of activity in the field at Copenhagen University, dating from the first courses in Australian literature taught by Bruce Clunies Ross in the 1980s.

Centre for Australian and New Zealand Studies - Georgetown University

The Center offers a program of courses about Australia and New Zealand in such disciplines as history, government, international affairs, sociology, literature, and fine arts. Instruction is by Georgetown faculty members; a Fulbright Visiting Professor of New Zealand Studies generously underwritten by the New Zealand-United States Educational Foundation; and adjunct faculty from the United States and overseas. Georgetown is the only university in North America that offers an undergraduate Certificate Program in Australian and New Zealand Studies.

National Centre for Australian Studies - Monash University

The Centre was established over twenty years ago as a special initiative of the Australian government and it remains the most dynamic, innovative and fastest growing centre of its kind.

National Centre for Indigenous Studies - Australian National University

The National Centre for Indigenous Studies (NCIS) was established in January 2005. NCIS’s charter is for it to be recognised as a leading academic institute for inter-disciplinary research in fields of relevance to Indigenous Australians, especially in relation  to the enrichment of scholarly and public understandings of Australian Indigenous cultures and histories. NCIS works collaboratively with the nine main research and teaching areas of relevance to Indigenous Australians within the ANU.

Menzies Centre for Australian Studies - King's College London

The Menzies Centre for Australian Studies was established in the University of London in 1982. Initially part of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, the Centre moved to King's College London in 1999.

The Centre is endowed by the Australian Government and subscriptions from a large number of Australian universities.

The Menzies Centre's object is to promote Australian studies in British and European universities. In its broadest manifestation, the Centre is an Australian cultural base in London, providing a highly regarded forum for the discussion of Australian issues. The Centre's public lectures, conferences, seminars, briefings and literary readings attract a diverse audience and help to produce a more comprehensive, detailed and balanced perception of Australian politics, economics, life and culture than is popularly available.

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