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Party Cohesion in Westminster Systems: Inducements, Replacement and Discipline in the House of Commons, 1836-1910

Speaker: Arthur Spirling’s undergraduate education took place at the London School of Economics, where he graduated in 2000 with a BSc in Government and Economics. In 2001, Arthur received a Masters degree in Public Administration and Public Policy, also from LSE. From 2001 through 2003, he was a student at Nuffield College, Oxford. During this time, he worked as a public policy consultant as part of the ODPM English Regional Expenditures report... Read more


Talking with Like-Minded People- Equality and Efficacy in Enclave Deliberation

Seminar 1 25 February 2014 Venue: Building 24, Copland, Room 1171, LJ Hume Centre Speaker: Kimmo Grönlund is a Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Social Science Research Institute at Åbo Akademi University. He is the Principal Investigator of the Finnish National Election Study and Convenor (together with Prof. Brigitte Geißel) of the ECPR Standing Group on Democratic innovations. His major research interests include... Read more


Australian Election Study Workshop

Political opinion polls are an inescapable part of everyday life. Government or opposition policies rarely see the light of day without some poll evidence to gauge the public’s response to them. Party leaders are constantly evaluated against their poll ratings, not least by their colleagues, and consistently low ratings can often spell a leader’s demise. The most reliable way in which to monitor trends in public opinion is to examine responses... Read more


The Class Basis of Canadian Elections

Seminar 6 Date: 1 st April, 2014 Time: 4 - 5.15pm Venue: Building 24, Copland, Room 1171, LJ Hume Centre Speaker: Richard Johnston is Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Public Opinion, Elections, and Representation at the University of British Columbia. He has also taught at the University of Toronto, the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University (Mackenzie King Professor, 1994-5), and the University of... Read more


Groundbreaking Conference on Palestinian Human Rights hosted by the ANU School of Politics and International Relations

Between 10-12 September the ANU School of Politics and International Relations is hosting a groundbreaking conference on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). This conference, coming out of a project sponsored by The British Academy and The Australian National University, will be a world first - bringing together the leading international experts who work on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the OPT. These experts... Read more


Pivots' and other priorities: Obama's second term foreign policy

What next in the US ‘pivot’ to Asia? What other priorities will US foreign policy have in President Obama’s second term? How are inbox pressures and legacy aspirations being managed? Ours are times of global historic transition, with a potent and complex mix of issues new and old. Many in the international community continue to look to the United States to help provide the leadership for meeting these global challenges. How best to do so,... Read more


Sustainable Agricultural and Food Policy in the 21st Century: Challenges and Solutions

Producers, distributors, retailers, consumers and governments face many challenges in managing production and distribution risks and public expectations along the agricultural and food value chain. Among the numerous issues that are seen to require increasing attention by the agricultural and food sector, are: maintaining production volumes and meeting product specifications improving productivity, competitiveness and profitability improving... Read more


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