School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Feodor Snagovsky
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The School of Politics and International Relerations seminar series features the research of both ANU staff and visting fellows.

Past events

Comparing the Religious Right in Canada and Australia

17 Mar 2016

This research compares the politics of conservative Christians in Canada and Australia, asking to what extent each country has an active and influential “...

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Comparing Courts Cross-regionally: Lessons and Challenges

10 Mar 2016

This presentation summarizes the main results of the project “Judicial (In)dependence in New Democracies Courts, Presidents and Legislatures in Latin America...

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Kenya’s 2007 elections – what went wrong, and why?

3 Mar 2016

International organisations play many different roles during election processes in new and emerging democracies (and in countries hoping to be seen as...

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Party Switching In Israel and Canada: Assessing the Impact of Electoral and Legislative Institutions

25 Feb 2016

This paper seeks to resolve the puzzle of an unexpected difference in the rates of party switching between Canada and Israel. Although it is well known that...

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Does electoral integrity yield more responsive government?

18 Feb 2016

Abstract This paper investigates European party congruence with voters in left-right terms over the period of a quarter century since the late 1980s. By...

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Semester One: SPIR Seminar Series

18 Feb 2016

Week Speaker Talk title 18 February Mark Franklin "Does electoral integrity yield more...

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Beyond elitism: The possibilities of labour-centred development in Latin America

19 Nov 2015

The ‘pink tide’ in Latin America is drawing increasing criticisms from the political left for its inability to confront existing socio-structural inequalities...

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The New Politics of the Minimum Wage

12 Nov 2015

What are the partisan politics of the minimum wage? If left-wing parties are aligned with unions and right-wing parties with employers, we would expect a...

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The Electoral Consequences of Ministerial Turnover in Canada

5 Nov 2015

Despite an abundance of studies on the incumbency advantage and elite careers, we know very little about the electoral performance of ministers and ex-...

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Political prediction based on resilient stresses: What is going to happen to South Africa?

29 Oct 2015

Abstract  It's sometimes naively thought that short-term political prediction is easier than long-term prediction, because more contingencies pile up the...

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