Centre for the Study of Australian Politics - Classics

One important aim of the Centre is to stimulate fresh debate over the ‘big ideas’ in Australian politics. To this end, the Centre will try to republish lost or forgotten classics in the study of Australian politics: classics which continue to speak to us about the underlying nature of politics in Australia. One valuable source is the now-defunct ‘Political Theory Newsletter’ founded at the University of Sydney in the 1970s, and originally circulated through the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA).

Centre for the Study of Australian Politics - Reviews

The Centre will also publish occasional reviews of books, plays and other events relating to Australian politics. The Centre welcomes suggestions of publications and events worth reviewing. The aim here is to generate a ‘reviews’ page on the broader cultural impact of publications and events dealing with significant political ideas in Australia. Offers to contribute to these pages are welcome.

Centre for the Study of Australian Politics - Essays

The Centre will publish from time to time regular essays on Australian politics from distinguished academic visitors to the School of Politics and International Relations. The essays will provide fresh perspectives on what outsiders find interesting and distinctive about the Australian way of politics, teasing out important questions about new possibilities in the research agenda for Australian politics. The idea is to get 'behind the headlines' of conventional media commentary and to think ahead about deeper problems which Australian political researchers need to address.

Australian Centre for Federalism - Annual Awards

The centre will annually showcase the best design of a federal system submitted by a team of students as part of their formal assessment for “Comparative Federalism and Multi-Level Governance” the aim here is to encourage students to think about how to design from scratch a federal system of government in order to see how fresh minds approach this longstanding and often divided form of governance.

SEGUE 2015 Program Announced

Exploring the cultural interplay between Europe and Australia.

SEGUE 2015: Where Continent Meets Continent

Exploring the cultural interplay between Europe and Australia

Imagined with the idea of creating a platform in Canberra for an Australia-Europe cultural dialogue SEGUE 2015 is a brand new festival celebrating the cultural interplay between the continents of Australia and Europe. Profiling contemporary performance with a European dimension and exploring the many creative influences generated by our shared history the festival takes place over Europe Day celebrations.

Explore SEGUE 2015 and our shared contemporary world –what connects us, what enriches us through difference.

We want them alive: Violence and the “Mexican Moment”

For most of the last decade, Mexico has been mired in chronic violence due to the toxic relationships between the state and organized crime. The government’s war on drug cartels has caused the death of over 80,000 and the disappearance of over 25,000. Today, the country is in the midst of an important political crisis triggered by the forced disappearance of 43 students at the hands of police, which has sparked mass protests for over a month.


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