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Peter Loveday - Australian Political Thought

This classic contribution to the study of politics in Australia from the recently deceased Peter Loveday originally appeared in Richard Lucy (ed.) 'The Pieces of Politics'; MacMillan, 1975. "Political thought in Australia has never been shaped into coherent and well-established bodies of doctrine which the parties guarded, expounded and applied. Party leaders themselves have disparaged what they regard as doctrinaire politics and have made...Read more

L.J. Hume - Another Look at the Cultural Cringe

It has become a very common practice among contemporary historians, writers of letters to newspapers, book reviewers and other commentators on Australian affairs to refer to a cultural (or colonial or cultural colonial) cringe when they are describing the attitudes and behavior of earlier generations of Australians...Read more

Gregory Melleuish - Australia and the Servile State

In recent years there has been an enormous amount of work done on Australian literature. Unfortunately this has not been matched by an interest in others areas of Australian intellectual life, including political thought. This raises the suspicion that perhaps there has been no political thought of any value written by Australians. This is manifestly untrue. Last year a conference was held to examine the work of V. Gordon Childe at which...Read more

Julie Tonkin and Don Fletcher - Kate Grenville: giving voice to women

In this essay we indicate some of the ways in which Kate Grenville’s fiction is designed to suggest how women are oppressed by language and violence and how they might escape complicity in that oppression. Grenville’s work is not feminist theory. Indeed, she has said that she writes to explore interesting hypotheses ‘in a shamelessly subjective way — the way of intuition and empathy’, rather than on the basis of theoretical assumptions and she...Read more

Girt - David Hunt

Girt tells a rollicking tale of early Australia, of venal explores and wretched convicts, military coups and rum-drenched soldiers. Because of this, it would be an ideal book for high school students, too many of whom are weighed down by the idea that Australian history consists solely of sheeps stations, Hills Hoists and cochlear implants. It's a funny book that manages to tell the stor of our past, while gently prodding the present. Review by Shaun Crowe.Read more

Author/Editor: David Hunt
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Political Theory and Australian Multiculturalism - ed Geoffrey Levey

Political Theory and Australian Multiculturalism addresses an issue of ongoing political importance, contributing to the now substantial body of normative philosophy concerned with issues of culture, diversity, and difference, and does this in diverse and fascinating ways. Overall, this is a collection that will be of considerable interest to scholars of multiculturalism, particularly those with a proclivity for the more analytical brand of political philosophy. Review by Melissa Lovell.Read more


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