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Australia – European Union Cooperative Security in a new strategic environment

Recent developments in violent extremism and cyber security breaches demonstrate that cross border security issues impact not only on the nation but on regional and international stability. Twenty-first century International Relations is increasingly dominated by security concerns. The conference "Australia – European Union Cooperative Security in a new strategic environment", organised by ANUCES and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung brought policy-...Read more

Russia: what’s next?

ANUCES Roundtable Summary On 23 June 2015 the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies hosted a public roundtable to discuss current developments in Russia and consider the influences on future policy under Putin. The roundtable was chaired by Harry Rigby’s son, Professor Richard Rigby, Executive Director of the ANU China Institute. Professor Peter Rutland (Wesleyan University) outlined the current economic situation in...Read more

Author/Editor: Richard Rigby (Chair)
Publication Date: June 2015

Beyond Trade: Getting Economic Integration Right

Author/Editor: Dr Annmarie Elijah, Associate Director, ANU Centre for European Studies, Mr Andrew Willcocks, PhD candidate, ANU Centre for European Studies, Dr Hazel V.J. Moir, Adjunct Fellow, ANU Centre for European Studies
Publication Date: May 2015

Sino Russian relations under Putin and Xi Jinping

On 19 November 2014 the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies hosted a seminar for an invited audience of public servants and academics on the state of Sino-Russian relations under Putin and Xi Jinping. The speakers at the seminar were Kyle Wilson (Visiting Fellow ANUCES), Dr Stephen Fortescue (Associate Fellow ANUCES) and Rebecca Fabrizi (Senior Research Fellow at the ANU’S China in the World Centre). The Briefing Paper...Read more

Author/Editor: Kyle Wilson, Stephen Fortescue, Rebecca Fabrizi
Publication Date: May 2015

Human Rights and Human Wrongs: A Life Confronting Racism (Biography)

Racism crushes bodies and souls. In Human Rights and Human Wrongs , Colin Tatz, a world authority on racial conflict and abuse, a key figure in Aboriginal Studies in Australia and an author of major works on genocide, Aboriginal youth suicide, and Aboriginal and Islander sporting achievements, tells his personal story. Born and educated in South Africa, Tatz worked to expose and oppose that nation’s centuries-old apartheid regimes before leaving...Read more

Author/Editor: Professor Colin Tatz AO
Publication Date: April 2015
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Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: Cultural Heritage, Politics and Labour Migration

Drawing on social media, cinema, cultural heritage and public opinion polls, this book examines Indonesia and Malaysia from a comparative postcolonial perspective. The Indonesia–Malaysia relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationships in Southeast Asia, especially because Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country and third largest democracy, is the most populous and powerful nation in the region. Both states are...Read more

Author/Editor: Marshall Clark, Juliet Pietsch
Publication Date: March 2015
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Peter Beilharz - John Anderson and the Syndicalist Moment

'Who was John Anderson? Challis Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney from 1927-1958, Anderson was arguably one of the most influential of local intellectuals in modern Australian history. Yet he wrote little: no single book; he lectured and persuaded at a time when the university on the hill was small and even more exclusive than it is now…Andersonianism these days is identified vaguely as a kind of libertarian current which—it is...Read more

Not Dead Yet: Labor's Post-Left Future - Mark Latham

Not Yet Dead ultimately proves that, when he puts his serious hat on, Mark Latham can be a substantial, insightful voice in Labor politics. As a man focussed on policy solutions, he might direct his provocation towards less entertaining ends than The Latham Diaries did, but, for any citizen, activist or politician concerned with Australia’s oldest living party’s future, this is good place to start. Review by Shaun Crowe.Read more

Author/Editor: Mark Latham
Publication Date: March 2015
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Casting a look at a ‘federal’ schooling system

Over 2014, the Abbott Government made it clear that it intends to make major changes to the way federalism works in Australia and one of its primary targets is education. As it was released two days before Christmas, we would all be forgiven for missing the roles and responsibilities paper put out by the Commonwealth. But nevertheless, a core idea is made clear: The Commonwealth should reduce its role in the education game and leave schooling in...Read more

Reforming the ‘dog’s breakfast of federalism': why the Commonwealth can’t have its cake and eat it too

Upon reading Issue Paper 1, “Reform of the Federation” (Commonwealth, 2014) and based upon the terms of references of the White Paper itself, it does not seem evident that there is any real intention or attention being given to actually distributing power to the States and Territories, and local governments, a transfer of authority that theoretically would motivate subnational government(s) “…to plan and manage investment and service-delivery ‘...Read more


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