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Not Dead Yet: Labor's Post-Left Future - Mark Latham

Not Yet Dead ultimately proves that, when he puts his serious hat on, Mark Latham can be a substantial, insightful voice in Labor politics. As a man focussed on policy solutions, he might direct his provocation towards less entertaining ends than The Latham Diaries did, but, for any citizen, activist or politician concerned with Australia’s oldest living party’s future, this is good place to start. Review by Shaun Crowe.Read more

Author/Editor: Mark Latham
Publication Date: March 2015
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Casting a look at a ‘federal’ schooling system

Over 2014, the Abbott Government made it clear that it intends to make major changes to the way federalism works in Australia and one of its primary targets is education. As it was released two days before Christmas, we would all be forgiven for missing the roles and responsibilities paper put out by the Commonwealth. But nevertheless, a core idea is made clear: The Commonwealth should reduce its role in the education game and leave schooling in...Read more

Reforming the ‘dog’s breakfast of federalism': why the Commonwealth can’t have its cake and eat it too

Upon reading Issue Paper 1, “Reform of the Federation” (Commonwealth, 2014) and based upon the terms of references of the White Paper itself, it does not seem evident that there is any real intention or attention being given to actually distributing power to the States and Territories, and local governments, a transfer of authority that theoretically would motivate subnational government(s) “…to plan and manage investment and service-delivery ‘...Read more

Towards a New History of European Law 1950-1980

Jacques Delors, long-term President of the European Commission during the ‘Golden Age’ of European integration in the 1980s, once famously described the European Union (EU) as an “Unidentified Political Object”. It is a polity that is particularly hard to define. Most have now settled on simply calling it something unique and new, a sui generis entity. What causes this confusion is, in large part, the juxtaposition of the continued fragmented...Read more

The politics of education for globalisation: managed activism in a time of crisis

Since the 1990s, governments of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have begun to promote their foreign aid politics domestically via global education. This policy remit has its origins in civil society and has been combined with a stated aim on the part of governments to prepare populations for globalisation, but also to convince populations of the need for increased aid spending in the context of various...Read more

Author/Editor: April Biccum
Publication Date: September 2014
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Studies in Australian Political Rhetoric

This edited collection includes eleven major case studies and one general review of rhetorical contest in Australian politics. The volume showcases the variety of methods available for studying political speech, including historical, theoretical, institutional, and linguistic analyses, and demonstrates the centrality of language use to democratic politics. The chapters reveal errors in rhetorical strategy, the multiple and unstable standards for...Read more

Author/Editor: John Uhr, Ryan Walter
Publication Date: August 2014
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A First Place

David Malouf has been celebrated often, treated as the public intellectual Australia needs. But what happens when we turn the pages around and wonder what Malouf values in us as members of the Australian community - and what Malouf as a public intellectual thinks of the public culture evolving in Australia and how that public culture relates to wider global interests? Review by John Uhr.Read more

Author/Editor: David Malouf
Publication Date: June 2014
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Galileo – The European GPS: State of play of the European Global Navigations Satellite System and cooperation with Australia

The European Union is building up its own global positioning and timing system called Galileo, which is the only Global Positioning System under civil control. So far approximately EUR 6 billion has been spent on the research, development and deployment of Galileo. Four operational satellites have been launched and the next two are scheduled for September 2013. In the next financial projections (2014–20) nearly EUR 7 billion has been reserved...Read more

Does the EU need an Asian Pivot? Some Reflections

The announcement of an “Asian Pivot” or “Re-Balancing” by President Obama and his then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011-2012 signalled a shift of US interests more to the Asia-Pacific region, in line with the growing importance of the region for global political governance and economic growth. This caused some concerns in Europe that the transatlantic alliance was being reduced to second place by Washington, and raised the question of...Read more


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