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Culture and Contact: Europe, Australia and the Arts

This briefing paper contains the text of the Robert Schuman lecture, given by Ms Robyn Archer AO on 19 August 2013 at the Australian National University. The annual lecture celebrates the remarkable achievements of European integration since its modest beginnings in the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951, announced in a declaration by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman. The Australian National University has recognised this...Read more

The Eurozone Economic Problems and the Solutions Ahead

Keywords: European Union, Eurozone, crisis, recession, global financial crisis.Read more

Conflict to Peace: Politics and Society in Northern Ireland Over Half a Century

After three decades of violence, Northern Ireland has experienced unprecedented peace. This book examines the impact of the 1998 Agreement which halted the violence on those most affected by it – the Northern Ireland people themselves. Using public opinion surveys conducted over half a century, this book covers changes in public opinion across all areas of society and politics, including elections, education, community relations and national...Read more

Author/Editor: Bernadette C. Hayes , Ian McAllister
Publication Date: September 2013
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Social Movements in Global Politics

Social Movements in Global Politics is a timely new account of the unconventional, ‘extra-institutional’ activities of social movements. In the face of impending global crises and stubborn conflicts, a conventional view of politics risks leaving us confused and fatalistic, feeling powerless because we are unaware of all that can be achieved by political means. By contrast, a variety of recent social movements, ranging from those of women, gays...Read more

Author/Editor: David West
Publication Date: August 2013
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ANUCES Roundtable Summary: Aspects of Russia in Putin’s Third Term

On Thursday 14th March 2013 the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies held the first in a series of occasional seminars named in honour of the late Professor T.H. ‘Harry’ Rigby. A graduate of the Universities of Melbourne and London, Rigby worked at the ANU from 1958 until his retirement in 1996. By the 1970s he had won a reputation as a leading authority on the Soviet Union, and he was the main force driving the ANU’s...Read more

Author/Editor: Bobo Lo, Kyle Wilson, Stephen Fortescue , John Besemeres
Publication Date: June 2013

ANUCES Roundtable Summary: Development and Impact of Biofuels Policies

Over the last decade, EU biofuels policy has been invested with hope as a central plank of the transition to a low-carbon economy while simultaneously attracting vilification for its alleged adverse impact on, among other things, land use, food prices, and water usage. On Friday 3 August 2012 the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies held an invitation-only Roundtable for academic experts and policy-makers to discuss the...Read more

Regional Trade Agreements and Regionalisation: Motivations and limits of a global phenomenon

The World Trade Organisation reports that the negotiation and implementation of regional trade agreements (RTAs) has been booming in the past decade. This type of agreement is negotiated at the political level; however, it primarily shapes the bilateral business environment in which trade and investment are made. It thus appears crucial to understand in which context companies consider RTAs desirable. This is because contingencies theory claims...Read more

American and European Competing Strategies in Free Trade Agreements in the Asia Pacific

The 2000s have witnessed an unprecedented rise in free trade agreements in Asia. Wishing to retain their relevance in this thriving economic region, the USA and European Union are also striving to acquire agreements with partners in Asia. This paper charts their respective economic and political motivations for their trade agreement strategies in the region, and reveals the importance of regulatory expansion and completion amongst them as...Read more


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