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Leadership Performance and Rhetoric

This book examines both the rhetorical content of contemporary public leadership and the leadership methods pioneered by early English statesman Sir Francis Bacon. In particular, it considers the use of public rhetoric to defend leadership legitimacy in six case studies, drawing on leadership contests in recent Australian political history. The authors map out the complex language of leadership in contemporary politics through chapter-length...Read more

Author/Editor: Adam B. Masters, John Uhr
Publication Date: August 2017
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Eureka: Australia’s Greatest Story

The editors of this book boldly proclaim that Eureka is Australia’s ‘greatest story’, and they have gathered together some of our country’s finest historians to prosecute the case. Collectively, they compile a strong argument. In the late 19th century that acute American observer, Mark Twain, called the Ballarat rebellion ‘the finest thing in Australasian history’ and, like all such milestone moments in any country’s expanding tale, Eureka...Read more

Author/Editor: David Headon, John Uhr
Publication Date: December 2015
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Avoiding Governors: Federalism, Democracy, and Poverty Alleviation in Brazil and Argentina

With the goal of showing the effect of domestic factors on the performance of poverty alleviation strategies in Latin America, Tracy Beck Fenwick explores the origins and rise of conditional cash transfer programs (CCTs) in the region, and then traces the politics and evolution of specific programs in Brazil and Argentina. Utilizing extensive field research and empirical analysis, Fenwick analyzes how federalism affects the ability of a national...Read more

Author/Editor: Tracy Beck Fenwick
Publication Date: December 2015
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Human Rights and Human Wrongs: A Life Confronting Racism (Biography)

Racism crushes bodies and souls. In Human Rights and Human Wrongs , Colin Tatz, a world authority on racial conflict and abuse, a key figure in Aboriginal Studies in Australia and an author of major works on genocide, Aboriginal youth suicide, and Aboriginal and Islander sporting achievements, tells his personal story. Born and educated in South Africa, Tatz worked to expose and oppose that nation’s centuries-old apartheid regimes before leaving...Read more

Author/Editor: Professor Colin Tatz AO
Publication Date: April 2015
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Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: Cultural Heritage, Politics and Labour Migration

Drawing on social media, cinema, cultural heritage and public opinion polls, this book examines Indonesia and Malaysia from a comparative postcolonial perspective. The Indonesia–Malaysia relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationships in Southeast Asia, especially because Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country and third largest democracy, is the most populous and powerful nation in the region. Both states are...Read more

Author/Editor: Marshall Clark, Juliet Pietsch
Publication Date: March 2015
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The politics of education for globalisation: managed activism in a time of crisis

Since the 1990s, governments of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have begun to promote their foreign aid politics domestically via global education. This policy remit has its origins in civil society and has been combined with a stated aim on the part of governments to prepare populations for globalisation, but also to convince populations of the need for increased aid spending in the context of various...Read more

Author/Editor: April Biccum
Publication Date: September 2014
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Studies in Australian Political Rhetoric

This edited collection includes eleven major case studies and one general review of rhetorical contest in Australian politics. The volume showcases the variety of methods available for studying political speech, including historical, theoretical, institutional, and linguistic analyses, and demonstrates the centrality of language use to democratic politics. The chapters reveal errors in rhetorical strategy, the multiple and unstable standards for...Read more

Author/Editor: John Uhr, Ryan Walter
Publication Date: August 2014
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Conflict to Peace: Politics and Society in Northern Ireland Over Half a Century

After three decades of violence, Northern Ireland has experienced unprecedented peace. This book examines the impact of the 1998 Agreement which halted the violence on those most affected by it – the Northern Ireland people themselves. Using public opinion surveys conducted over half a century, this book covers changes in public opinion across all areas of society and politics, including elections, education, community relations and national...Read more

Author/Editor: Bernadette C. Hayes , Ian McAllister
Publication Date: September 2013
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Social Movements in Global Politics

Social Movements in Global Politics is a timely new account of the unconventional, ‘extra-institutional’ activities of social movements. In the face of impending global crises and stubborn conflicts, a conventional view of politics risks leaving us confused and fatalistic, feeling powerless because we are unaware of all that can be achieved by political means. By contrast, a variety of recent social movements, ranging from those of women, gays...Read more

Author/Editor: David West
Publication Date: August 2013
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English Nationalism and Euroscepticism Losing the Peace

English Nationalism and Euroscepticism Losing the Peace seeks out the origins of contemporary English nationalism. Whilst much academic and political attention has been given to England's place within the United Kingdom since devolution, the author argues that recent English nationalism actually derives from Britain's troubled relationship with European integration. Drawing on political evidence from the former Empire, the debates surrounding...Read more

Author/Editor: Ben Wellings
Publication Date: March 2013
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