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Continental Philosophy: An Introduction

This book provides a clear, concise and readable introduction to philosophy in the continental tradition. It is a wide-ranging and reliable guide to the work of such major figures as Nietzsche, Habermas, Heidegger, Arendt, Sartre, Foucault, Derrida and \i\ek. At the same time, it situates their thought within a coherent overall account of the development of continental philosophy since the Enlightenment. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: David West
Publication Date: December 2010
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Labor's Conflict: Big Business, Workers and the Politics of Class

Once widely regarded as the workers greatest hope for a better world, the ALP today would rather project itself as a responsible manager of Australian capitalism. Labor's Conflict provides an insightful account of the transformations in the Party's policies, performance and structures since its formation. Seasoned political analysts, Tom Bramble and Rick Kuhn offer an incisive appraisal of the Party's successes and failures, betrayals and...Read more

Author/Editor: Richard Kuhn, Tom Bramble
Publication Date: October 2010
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The Reality of Budgetary Reform in OECD Nations: Trajectories and Consequences

The Reality of Budgetary Reform in OECD Nations investigates the impacts and consequences of budgetary reform through a comparative assessment of advanced Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) democracies that have undertaken budget reforms over the past two to three decades. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: John Wanna, Jensen Lotte, Jouke de Vries
Publication Date: September 2010
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Foundations and Frontiers of Deliberative Governance

Foundations and Frontiers of Deliberative Governance reaches from conceptual underpinnings to the key challenges faced in applications to ever-increasing ranges of problems and issues. Following a survey of the life and times of deliberative democracy, the turns it has taken, and the logic of deliberative systems, contentious foundational issues receive attention. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: John Dryzek
Publication Date: June 2010
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The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State

The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State is the authoritative and definitive guide to the contemporary welfare state. In a volume consisting of nearly fifty newly-written chapters, a broad range of the world's leading scholars offer a comprehensive account of everything one needs to know about the modern welfare state. Read moreRead more

Author/Editor: Francis G Castles, Stephan Leibfried, Jane Lewis, Herbert Obinger, Christopher Pierson
Publication Date: June 2010
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Dimensions of Australian Society

First published in 1988, Dimensions of Australian Society has become a benchmark for empirical investigations of Australian society. Its distinct approach lies in combining the latest theoretical and conceptual insights with thorough investigations and analyses of available research evidence. Key aspects of Australia's demographic, socioeconomic and political organisation are brought into focus. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: Juliet Pietsch, Brian Graetz, Ian McAllister
Publication Date: May 2010
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Policy in Action: the Challenges of Service Delivery

Modern governments have undergone significant change over the past 30 years. Such change has impacted on the way governments structure their organisations, deliver services and relate to their citizenry. But how has public policy formulation changed and affected the design and delivery of government programs and services in Australia? Policy in Action is the first book to address this question, offering descriptive accounts of how public...Read more

Author/Editor: John Wanna, John Butcher, Ben Freyens
Publication Date: May 2010
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The Ayes Have it - The History of the Queensland Parliament 1957 - 1989

This book is a fascinating account of the Queensland Parliament during three decades of high-drama politics. It examines in detail the Queensland Parliament from the days of the "Labor split" in the 1950s, through the conservative governments of Frank Nicklin, Joh Bjelke- Petersen and Mike Ahern, to the fall of the Nationals government led briefly by Russell Cooper in December 1989. The volume traces the rough and tumble of parliamentary...Read more

Author/Editor: John Wanna
Publication Date: December 2009
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Islam, Democracy and Dialogue in Turkey: Deliberating in Divided Societies

Stressing the importance of the development of democratic dialogue in divided societies, Bora Kanra tests his claims of a new deliberative framework by analyzing interaction between Islamic and secular discourses in the Turkish public sphere. He also offers insight into the prospects for democratic development in Turkey. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: Bora Kanra
Publication Date: October 2009
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Global Citizenship and the Legacy of Empire: Marketing Development

This book investigates the parallels between mainstream development discourse and colonial discourse as theorized in the work of Homi Bhabha, Gayatri Spivak and Edward Said. Aiming to repoliticize post-colonial theory by applying its understandings to contemporary political discourses, author April Biccum critically examines the ways in which development in its current form has recently begun to be promoted among the metropolitan public. Further...Read more

Author/Editor: April Biccum
Publication Date: September 2009
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