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Islam, Democracy and Dialogue in Turkey: Deliberating in Divided Societies

Stressing the importance of the development of democratic dialogue in divided societies, Bora Kanra tests his claims of a new deliberative framework by analyzing interaction between Islamic and secular discourses in the Turkish public sphere. He also offers insight into the prospects for democratic development in Turkey. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: Bora Kanra
Publication Date: October 2009
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Global Citizenship and the Legacy of Empire: Marketing Development

This book investigates the parallels between mainstream development discourse and colonial discourse as theorized in the work of Homi Bhabha, Gayatri Spivak and Edward Said. Aiming to repoliticize post-colonial theory by applying its understandings to contemporary political discourses, author April Biccum critically examines the ways in which development in its current form has recently begun to be promoted among the metropolitan public. Further...Read more

Author/Editor: April Biccum
Publication Date: September 2009
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Australia: the state of democracy

For those studying democracy or wanting to reform Australian politics, The State of Democracy provides a wealth of evidence in a well-illustrated and highly accessible format. Internationally, it is an important contribution to the democracy assessment literature and pushes into new areas such as the intergovernmental decision-making of federalism. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: Marion Sawer, Norman Abjorensen, Phil Larkin
Publication Date: June 2009
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Theories of the Democratic State

This major work provides a broad-ranging assessment of classical and contemporary theories of the state, focusing primarily on the democratic state. As well as outlining theories used to understand the state, it examines critiques of modern states that have emerged from feminism, environmentalism, neo-conservatism and post-modernism. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: John Dryzek, Patrick Dunleavy
Publication Date: April 2009
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Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy: selected essays

This collection of 'critical reflections on Australian public policy offers a valuable contribution to public discussion of important political and policy issues facing our nation and society. These essays are important not only because of the reputation and position of the various contributors, but because they are incredibly 'content rich and brimming with new ideas. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: John Wanna
Publication Date: April 2009
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Rational Choice Politics, Volume I: Social Choice, Equilibrium and Electoral Systems, Vol II: Voting, Elections and Pressure Politics, Volume III: Legislatures, Volume IIII: Bureaucracy, Constitutional Arrangements.

The formal modeling techniques of rational choice theory have become central to the discipline of political science, for example with regard to the understanding of the working of legislatures, coalition governments, executive-bureaucracy relations or electoral systems. The collection includes the very best work in this field, as well as an editors' introduction to each volume that describes the importance of the articles and their place in...Read more

Author/Editor: Keith Dowding, Torun Dewan, Kenneth A. Shepsle
Publication Date: December 2008
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The Selection of Ministers in Europe: Hiring and Firing

This volume examines, through a series of case studies of countries with differing institutional and cultural structures, the process of selection, shuffling and removal of ministers in national cabinets since 1945. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: Keith Dowding
Publication Date: November 2008
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Gender and Global Politics in the Asia-Pacific

This book demonstrates the integral nature of gendered issues and feminist frameworks for a comprehensive understanding of contemporary IR. It uses feminist frameworks and research to both uncover and reflect upon gender and global politics in the contemporary Asia-Pacific. It also brings together, into a coherent and accessible collection, the work of feminist scholars, teachers, and activists in international relations. Further detailsRead more

Author/Editor: Bina D' Costa, Katrina Lee-Koo
Publication Date: October 2008
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The Culture Wars: Australian and American Politics in the 21st Century

This book argues that 'culture wars' attitudes and conflicts intrinsic to US politics for many decades are also deeply embedded characteristics of Australian political life in the 21st century. It suggests that during the Howard years (1996-2007) culture war antagonisms were forced to the political surface in Australia, albeit without the volatility and violence that sometimes accompanies disputes in the US. With the demise of the Bush...Read more

Author/Editor: James R George, Kim Huynh
Publication Date: October 2008
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