Segue 2017: Where Australia Meets Europe

Segue 2017: Where Australia Meets Europe

Segue is a boutique festival at The Street Theatre, Canberra, running in partnership with the ANU Centre for European Studies, from 27 August to 3 September. The festival offers contemporary performance with a European dimension.

Segue 2017 will explore where Australia meets Europe through a variety of events looking at visualising the collective imagination, and experimental approaches to collective decision making. This year's festival will feature Artist-in-Residence, Mikey Weincove, co-founder of The People Speak.

About the Artist

Co -founder and senior partner of the London-based arts group, The People Speak, Mikey is an artist, raconteur, inventor, and chat show host. He is the originator of Talkaoke and has toured the world, hosting it in a huge variety of contexts from the Cabinet Office in Whitehall to out on the street in Scandinavian towns. He has developed a number of different formats for non-predetermined discussion and exchange that are central to The People Speak ethos.

His work began to evolve when he did his BA in Critical Fine Art Practice at Central Saint Martins in the '90s- coming to focus on how to articulate the collective imagination, visually, experientially and conceptually.  Mikey is a specialist in bringing diverse and unusual audiences together. He has worked with all Tate galleries, National Theatre, BFI, Royal Opera House, V&A, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Channel 4, and many other institutions in Europe and beyond.  

The People Speak offers an extraordinarily innovative and technologically exciting approach to socially engaged public art that enables ordinary people to feel energised, excited and fully involved in the process.

Following is a selection of Segue 2017 events. For a complete listing visit The Street Theatre

Segue 2017: The Culture of Participation

29 August 2017

How do you get the mood right for collective decision making?  What can politics of the future learn from event design, service design, theatre, architecture, and psychology?

Join Mikey Weinkove as he investigates our collective imagination and explores the ways we can use performance and live arts to inspire and support all people perform our current discussions, debates, proposals in a way that is open and inviting? Politics seems to be one of the few areas of performance that has not accepted the dogma that all human interaction is performance. Mikey will talk to creating an ambiance in which people feel safe, are confident to speak and trust the outcome. He’ll also examine ways to rediscover democratic process’s remit to engage, to make bureaucratic and political processes inviting and compelling even! And share projects designed to help  work with anyone who wants to start a conversation in a neighbourhood or an organisation, at a festival or at a product launch – basically anywhere there are people and something to talk about!

Segue 2017: The Slice is Right?

30 August 2017

Baking for Utopia....Part theatre show, part plebescite, and part massive bake-off.

"Democracy is the worst form of government imaginable, until you try to imagine another." - Winston Churchill

Ever tried to think of new ways of making group decisions and actually testing them out in real situations? Having your say can amount to an endurance test - of patience, fortitude, and administrative negotiation. The Slice is Right? invites you to the theatre in search of a compelling and fun approach to imagine different ways of making decisions.

Join Mikey Weinkove as he takes you on a very serious quest, not for the perfect pizza, but for the pizza that pleases all the people all of the time. This innovative event puts you in charge of deciding what goes on your pizza and who get the biggest slice…And along the way discover what happens when everybody does their own thing.

An interactive live art event based on political systems that takes place around tables with kitchen action and a nosh-up. It's a mash between "The Great Australian Bake Off" and a utopian vision of future pizza! What system creates the best pizza?

Multiple sauces, toppings, cheeses and doughs will be available including gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.

Segue 2017: Who Wants To Be?

2 September 2017

The show where the audience gets to decide on how to spend the entire box office. 

What happens when you ask a room of Canberrans to agree on how to spend a pool of funds? This innovative event offers a witty cocktail of power, people and passion that places the audience in charge of all the answers, all the questions and the rules. By the end of the show the money must be spent and the decision must be unanimous. And the more people who come, the more money’s on the table.

Think you have a life-changing project? Or campaign? A brilliant give-away scenario? An intervention that will change a life? Or do you just enjoy finding out what gobsmackingly brilliant or bonkers things other people want to make happen.

Who Wants To Be? puts everyone in the moment for every part of the rollercoaster ride and offers a clever and creative theatrical event to explore our collective imaginative power.

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