School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Feodor Snagovsky
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The School of Politics and International Relations seminar series features the research of both ANU staff and visting fellows.

Upcoming events

Endogenous Institutions and Constitutional Manipulation in Dictatorships

12–2pm 28 Mar 2019

Much of the existing comparative dictatorships literature is concerned with the effects of authoritarian institutions on survival. Given the...

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Brexit, Referendums and Deliberative Democracy

12–2pm 4 Apr 2019

"We want another referendum but one based on facts”, wrote the philosopher A.C. Greyling recently. In an ideal world, referendums (like all other democratic...

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Lisa Young – Professor, University of Calgary (title to be confirmed)

12–2pm 11 Apr 2019

TBC About the presenter: Lisa is an accomplished scholar in the area of Canadian politics, with a particular research focus on political parties, election...

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Behavioural Patterns of Costly Signalling

12–2pm 18 Apr 2019

How to credibly communicate information when there is a conflict of interest is a question of practical importance in many domains. Although social science...

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Past events

The Hillary Hypotheses: Testing Candidate Views of Loss

21 Mar 2019

The surprising election of Donald Trump to the Presidency calls for a comprehensive assessment of what motivated voters to opt for a controversial political...

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New Kremlinology: The Challenge of Understanding and Studying the Russian Political Regime

14 Mar 2019

In a departure from accounts centred on the failure of democratisation in Russia, my  argument begins from a basic assumption that the political regime of...

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How Preferences as Principles Explain Peace and Competition During Power Transitions

14 Mar 2019

Does crisis behaviour signal information about resolve or, aggressive long-term intentions, or is there too much uncertainty to signal anything at all? Studies...

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Deliberating on a hot topic in the headlights: the Irish Citizens’ Assembly’s deliberations on abortion

7 Mar 2019

Empirical research on deliberative democracy has moved through a series of stages, the most recent of which has entailed the study of real-world deliberative...

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How do Political Decision-Making Processes Affect the Acceptability of Decisions? Results from an Experimental Scenario Survey

28 Feb 2019

This study examines what types of political decision-making processes affect the public’s acceptability of decisions by using the framework of procedural...

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Rethinking the security/politics relations via changing parliamentary practices on security’

21 Feb 2019

Based on his forthcoming book Security as Politics, Neal will argue that ‘security’ was once an anti-political ‘exception’ in liberal democracies - a ‘black...

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The Durability of National Environmental Policy

25 Oct 2018

We investigate why some laws and regulations are never amended, others last for years before their first change, while still more are amended or repealed...

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The Effect of Events on Discussion in the Australian Federal Parliament (1901–2017)

24 Oct 2018

We systematically analyse how parliamentary discussion changes in response to different types of events in Australian history. We first create a dataset of...

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Innovation, Incrementalism or Deadlock? Policy Change in Joint Decision Systems

18 Oct 2018

In federations and in international politics, policies often require agreements between governments. The concept of joint decision-making describes a...

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Which Frames Change Minds and Actions? Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Australia.

11 Oct 2018

Australia is currently the only country in the world that requires offshore processing and mandatory detention of asylum seekers who arrive without a visa. The...

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