School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Feodor Snagovsky
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The School of Politics and International Relations seminar series features the research of both ANU staff and visting fellows.

Past events

Russell Smyth - What Determines the Institutional Legitimacy of the High Court of Australia

30 May 2019

Judicial legitimacy is fundamental to ensuring public acceptance of courts’ decisions when judges have no electoral mandate. Yet, in Australia, we know very...

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Min Reuchamps - Towards permanent deliberative democracy in Belgium

23 May 2019

from the G1000 to the Ostbelgien Model Democratic innovations are on the rise in most Western democracies. Belgium, like Australia, has always been a land of...

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Dr Wesley Widmaier - Constructing Friendships, Constructing Crises

16 May 2019

Australian Foreign Policy Pragmatism across Imperial, Hegemonic and Reformist Orders Over the past century, Australian foreign policy has been marked by the...

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Dr. Charles Miller - Does Warfare Spur Economic Development?

9 May 2019

The past few decades have seen a rapid growth in research examining the long run determinants of modern day wealth disparities among nations. This strand of...

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Nationhood Reframed: Second Thoughts

2 May 2019

Wresting the concept of nationhood from the clutches of nation-state groupies was always fraught with complications. Yet states are today defined less by the...

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Behavioural Patterns of Costly Signalling

18 Apr 2019

How to credibly communicate information when there is a conflict of interest is a question of practical importance in many domains. Although social science...

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Lisa Young – Professor, University of Calgary (title to be confirmed)

11 Apr 2019

TBC About the presenter: Lisa is an accomplished scholar in the area of Canadian politics, with a particular research focus on political parties, election...

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Brexit, Referendums and Deliberative Democracy

4 Apr 2019

"We want another referendum but one based on facts”, wrote the philosopher A.C. Greyling recently. In an ideal world, referendums (like all other democratic...

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Endogenous Institutions and Constitutional Manipulation in Dictatorships

28 Mar 2019

Much of the existing comparative dictatorships literature is concerned with the effects of authoritarian institutions on survival. Given the...

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The Hillary Hypotheses: Testing Candidate Views of Loss

21 Mar 2019

The surprising election of Donald Trump to the Presidency calls for a comprehensive assessment of what motivated voters to opt for a controversial political...

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