School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Feodor Snagovsky
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The School of Politics and International Relerations seminar series features the research of both ANU staff and visting fellows.

Upcoming events

Prediction in Political Science

12–2pm 22 Feb 2018

Empirical political scientists agree that good science should generate testable predictions. However, in practice there is some confusion over what the term ‘...

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Past events

Can the Image and Practice Turn in International Relations Meet?: Understanding Military Scandal Images and Band of Brothers Culture

24 Aug 2017

The study of images has proliferated in international relations, particularly in the last decade. However, much of this literature treats images as static...

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Exploring the Relationship Between Policy Representation and Political Trust: Evidence from Vote Compass

17 Aug 2017

Modern notions of representative democracy are based on the normative assumption that there is a relationship between the preferences of citizens on key...

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China and the international economic order: Bretton Woods, Bandung and beyond

10 Aug 2017

It is commonly argued that China is rising within an international economic order not of its own creation. Yet, Nationalist China played an influential role...

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Can China Democratise?

3 Aug 2017

These are dark days for advocates of democracy in China. Crackdowns against freedoms of speech, assembly, and thought have intensified under President Xi...

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Mass Media as a Source of Public Responsiveness

27 Jul 2017

There is a sizable literature finding evidence of public responsiveness to policy change, across a range of salient policy domains and countries. We have a...

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Compulsory Voting Rules, Reluctant Voters and Ideological Proximity Voting

25 May 2017

Political theorists have argued that democracies should strive for high turnout, leading to an argument for the introduction of compulsory voting, one of the...

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Populism and Press Freedom

18 May 2017

What is the relationship between populist rule and the freedom of the press? Populists are personalistic leaders who seek to gain and retain power by...

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Gender, Anxiety, and Attitudes to Terrorism

4 May 2017

Social dominance orientation (SDO) measures individuals’ preference for inter-group hierarchies; that is, the idea that some groups in society should rightly...

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Pork is Policy: Dissipative Inclusion at Local Level

27 Apr 2017

This paper investigates, in subnational comparative perspective, the impact of local public policies on several indicators of the quality of life, poverty,...

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