School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Feodor Snagovsky
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The School of Politics and International Relerations seminar series features the research of both ANU staff and visting fellows.

Upcoming events

Power Sharing in the World's Largest Democracy: Informal Consociationalism in India (and Its Decline?)

12–2pm 24 May 2018

India is one of the most diverse countries of the world but operates with a majoritarian Westminster system and simple plurality, albeit also with a federal...

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Past events

Federal-Provincial Variation in Canadian Leadership Selection: Processes and Participation

1 Mar 2018

The selection of party leaders has received considerable attention in recent years. However, much of this literature suffers from what has been called the '...

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Prediction in Political Science

22 Feb 2018

Empirical political scientists agree that good science should generate testable predictions. However, in practice there is some confusion over what the term ‘...

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Building Election Management Body Capacity

2 Nov 2017

Election management bodies (EMBs) are the agencies and government departments tasked with the technical administration of elections, from registering voters...

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Prominent in Parliament? An Empirical Assessment of Interest Group Prominence in the Legislative Arena

26 Oct 2017

In densely populated organised interest systems groups, being acknowledged by policy makers as a prominent player is important. If being viewed as relevant by...

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Consideration Set Models for Electoral Choice: An Introduction

19 Oct 2017

(From the ‘Introduction’ in a forthcoming Electoral Studies symposium, co-edited with Martin Rosema.) In electoral research decisions by voters are usually...

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Measuring the latent ideological dimensions of American voters over time

12 Oct 2017

There have been significant shifts in the electoral coalitions assembled by the Democratic and Republican parties in recent decades, with implications for how...

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“The Toronto 18” Case Study: The Challenges and Pitfalls of Terrorism Research

29 Sep 2017

Conducting research in the field of terrorism studies faces several methodological challenges. This paper highlights some of these challenges through a re-...

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The Australian Regime for Fiscal Federalism: Can it be Exported?

28 Sep 2017

The Australian regime for horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE) is administered by the Commonwealth Grants Commission. OECD rates it as one of the most...

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Whither Global Health in the Trump Era?

21 Sep 2017

Over the course of a generation, global health has moved from being regarded as peripheral to international politics to assuming a prominent place on the...

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