Graduated PhD Students

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Michael Kumove
You Talkin' to Me? The effect of communication barriers on trust in diverse societies.

Dinara Pisareva
Democratic Support, Protests, and Authoritarian Violence in Non-Democracies

Grant Douglas
An insider's perspective: Governance of large ICT software projects in the Australian and New Zealand public sectors

Valerie Barrett
Parliamentary Administration: What does it mean to manage a parliament effectively?

Borui Song
An Incomplete Reform: Understanding Horizontal Fiscal Equalization in China

Ana Alonso Soriano
Icons of the Past: Stories about children born of violence in the Guatemalan and Peruvian Truth Commissions


Emily Look
Support for democracy under authoritarianism: post-communist political learning in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Carlos Arturo Espinosa Gallegos-Anda
Ecuador's Good Living: Crises, Discourse, and Law

Valerie Margaret Barrett
Parliamentary Administration: What does it mean to manage a parliament effectively?

Stephen George Norman
Political Settlements and Growth-Enhancing Institutions: A comparative historical analysis of the horticulture sector in Kenya and Tanzania

Feodor Snagovsky
Representation and Legitimacy: Diffuse Support and Descriptive Representation in Westminster Democracies

Garry Ellis Sturgess
Barry Jones In Search of Lost Time - A Film Story

Blair Williams
From Tightrope to Gendered Trope: A comparative study of the print mediation of women Prime Ministers

James Lachlan Cameron
From Minority to Mainstream - The Electoral Rise of the Scottish National Party 1999-2016

Lars Moen
The Republican Dilemma: Liberating Republicanism, Sacrificing Pluralism

Carlos Eduardo Morreo Boada
Critical oil Politics : Governing oil in left turn Latin America.


Genrikh Salata
The role of experiential knowledge in foreign market commitment: A process perspective on the internationalisation of Australian services SMEs

Erick Viramontes Viramontes
Speaking about Qatar: Discourses on National Identity in Postcolonial Gulf

Ram Prasad Ghimire
Examining the adoption of governance reforms in Nepal: Success or failure in the post-liberalisation era (1990-2015)?

Kelvin Jian Ming Lee
Trust and environmental valuation: The impact of culture as system

Anwar Musadat
Participatory Planning and Budgeting in Decentralised Indonesia: Understanding Participation, Responsiveness and Accountability


Elizabeth Buchanan
Russian Arctic strategy under Putin: conflict or cooperation?

Kerrie Jean O’Rourke
The Ethics of Codes of Ethics

Rickey Umback
Constituting Australia's International Wireless Service: 1901-1922

Yasmi Adriansyah
The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Indonesia's Foreign Policy

Jessica Genauer
Rebuilding Contested States: A comparative study of institutional design during political transition in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, & Tunisia

Thomas King
The Rise and Fall of Minor Political Parties in Australia

Carmen Robledo-Lopez
New Donors, same old practices? Development cooperation policies of middle-income countries.

Evan Thomas Williams
Australian Immigration 2001–2013: Exploring attitudes towards asylum seekers and immigrants

Yasmi Adriansyah
The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Indonesia's Foreign Policy


Sarah Cameron
Citizen Responses to the Global Financial Crisis: A Comparative Study of Participation and Democratic Support

Melissa Jogie
The Great Tradition of Texts: How to Break the Mould? A Study of English Education in Australia & England

David Monk
The dominant discourse of central bank independence

Jane Smyth
Visual arts education: The potential for teacher delight or despair

Shaun Crowe
Whitlam's children? Labor and the Greens in Australia

John Hawkins
The Australian treasurers: managers and reformers in an evolving role

Marija Taflaga
Politics, Policy Development and Political Communication during Opposition:The Federal Liberal Party of Australia 1983 – 1996 and 2007– 2013

Tanja Porter
Policy debate in the age of social media: the Australian experience

Troy Cruickshank
Economic voting and the Great Recession in Europe: a comparative study of twenty-five countries


Liyana Kayali
Palestinian Women and Resistance: Perceptions, Attitudes, and Strategies in the Bethlehem Governorate

Tulika Saxena
Indian Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act: Stumbling or Striving Ahead?


William Bosworth
Concepts and consistency in political argument

Adam Packer
The difference constitutions make: a global inquiry into the impacts of institutional design

Jennifer Rayner
Beyond winning : party goals and campaign strategy in Australian elections

Harvey Whiteford
Shaping mental health policy in Australia, 1988-2008

Fiona Allen

Nina Markovic
Political relations between the European Union and Serbia in a broader historical perspective : assessing normative obstacles to Serbia's european integration

James Low
A commitment to professional reform: an administrative history of executive development and training in the Singapore Public Service, 1959 to 2001

Peter Jones
The falling rate of profit and the great recession


John Butcher
Compacts between government and the not-for-profit sector : a comparative case study of national and sub-national cross-sector policy frameworks

Andrew Felicetti
Deliberative and democratic qualities in the public sphere : a comparative study of transition initiatives in Italy and Australia

Penelope Margaret Marshall
Playing for sheep stations : a discourse analysis of wild dog management and control policy in New South Wales, Australia

Katherine Mimilidis

Rio Budi
Developing country coalitions in the doha round : the liberal trade and development nexus

Michael Rollens
Theory of analytic journalism

Jillian Sheppard
The internet, society and politics : political participation in Australia

Andrew Klassen
Perceptions of electoral fairness : public behaviour and institutional design compared across 80 countries

Adam Masters
Global public-private partnerships : different perspectives

Alison Plumb
Euthnasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments

Ratu Nawi Rakuita
'Radicalising' the public sphere : from Habermas to Adorno

Brad Taylor
Exit and voice: papers from a revisionist public choice perspective


Maria Noelyn Dano
Environmental governance for ecological and human wellbeing : cases of forest protected areas in the Philippines

Michael De Percy
Connecting the nation : an historical institutionalist explanation for divergent communications technology outcomes in Canada and Australia

Michael Leininger-Ogawa
Michel Foucault's anti-ontologies

Guy Ronald Emerson
Battle for the Americas : U.S. and Venezuelan visions for Latin America

Adrian Bazbauers
Technocracy and the market: world bank group technical assistance and the rise of neoliberalism

Moira Byrne Garton

Isabelle Macgregor
Death ex machina? : the use of technology and its impact on genocide and prevention

Brendan John McCaffrie
Locating leadership success in political time : analysing presidents and prime ministers in historical context

Helen Taylor
Resolving conflict in a divided society : contact, community relations and identity in Northern Ireland


Muzaffer-Selen Ayirtman Ercan
Beyond multiculturalism : a deliberative democratic approach to 'illiberal' cultures

Tom Chodor
Neoliberal globalisation and Latin American resistance : a neo-Gramscian perspective

Mhairi Cowden
Do children have rights : five theoretical reflections on children's rights

Michael Dalvean
The Selection of Cabinet Ministers in the Australian Federal Parliament

Dale Elvy
Terrorism, public opinion and policy : a comparison of Australia and the United States

Andrew Herd
Guest workers in the age of globalisation : Australia's 457 visa program

Matthew Laing
New perspectives on political time : populists, Prime Ministers and perpetual preemption

Melissa Lovell
Liberalism, settler colonialism, and the Northern Territory intervention

Karen Tindall
Understanding and evaluating large-scale consular emergency response

Christopher Vas
Transforming think tanks into ‘policy hubs’: The creation of research−policy networks


Donna Seto
No place for a war baby : the global politics of children born of wartime sexual violence

Yu Hong Lo
Deliberative Monetary Valuation as a Political-Economic Methodology: Exploring the Prospect for Value Pluralism with a Case Study on Australian Climate Change Policy

Kirsty McLaren
Imperative images : the use of images of the foetus in the Australian abortion debate, 1998-2009


Katherine Curchin
The ethics of criticising other cultures


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