Graduated PhD Students

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Grant Douglas
An insider's perspective: Governance of large ICT software projects in the Australian and New Zealand public sectors

Valerie Barrett
Parliamentary Administration: What does it mean to manage a parliament effectively?

Borui Song
An Incomplete Reform: Understanding Horizontal Fiscal Equalization in China

Ana Alonso Soriano
Icons of the Past: Stories about children born of violence in the Guatemalan and Peruvian Truth Commissions


Emily Look
Support for democracy under authoritarianism: post-communist political learning in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Carlo Arturo Espinosa Gallegos-Anda
Ecuador's Good Living: Crises, Discourse, and Law

Valerie Margaret Barrett
Parliamentary Administration: What does it mean to manage a parliament effectively?

Stephen George Norman

Feodor Snagovsky
Representation and Legitimacy: Diffuse Support and Descriptive Representation in Westminster Democracies

Garry Ellis Sturgess
Barry Jones In Search of Lost Time - A Film Story

Blair Williams
From Tightrope to Gendered Trope: A comparative study of the print mediation of women Prime Ministers

James Lachlan Cameron
From Minority to Mainstream - The Electoral Rise of the Scottish National Party 1999-2016

Lars Moen
The Republican Dilemma: Liberating Republicanism, Sacrificing Pluralism

Carlos Eduardo Morreo Boada
Critical oil Politics : Governing oil in left turn Latin America.


Genrikh Salata
The role of experiential knowledge in foreign market commitment: A process perspective on the internationalisation of Australian services SMEs

Erick Viramontes Viramontes
Speaking about Qatar: Discourses on National Identity in Postcolonial Gulf

Ram Prasad Ghimire
Examining the adoption of governance reforms in Nepal: Success or failure in the post-liberalisation era (1990-2015)?

Kelvin Jian Ming Lee
Trust and environmental valuation: The impact of culture as system

Anwar Musadat
Participatory Planning and Budgeting in Decentralised Indonesia: Understanding Participation, Responsiveness and Accountability


Elizabeth Buchanan
Russian Arctic strategy under Putin: conflict or cooperation?

Kerrie Jean O’Rourke
The Ethics of Codes of Ethics

Rickey Umback
Constituting Australia's International Wireless Service: 1901-1922

Yasmi Adriansyah
The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Indonesia's Foreign Policy

Jessica Genauer
Rebuilding Contested States: A comparative study of institutional design during political transition in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, & Tunisia

Thomas King
The Rise and Fall of Minor Political Parties in Australia

Carmen Robledo-Lopez
New Donors, same old practices? Development cooperation policies of middle-income countries.

Evan Thomas Williams
Australian Immigration 2001–2013: Exploring attitudes towards asylum seekers and immigrants

Yasmi Adriansyah
The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Indonesia's Foreign Policy


Sarah Cameron
Citizen Responses to the Global Financial Crisis: A Comparative Study of Participation and Democratic Support

Melissa Jogie
The Great Tradition of Texts: How to Break the Mould? A Study of English Education in Australia & England

David Monk
The dominant discourse of central bank independence

Jane Smyth
Visual arts education: The potential for teacher delight or despair

Shaun Crowe
Whitlam's children? Labor and the Greens in Australia

John Hawkins
The Australian treasurers: managers and reformers in an evolving role


Troy Cruickshank
Economic voting and the Great Recession in Europe: a comparative study of twenty-five countries

Tanja Porter
Policy debate in the age of social media: the Australian experience


William Bosworth
Concepts and consistency in political argument

Adam Packer
The difference constitutions make: a global inquiry into the impacts of institutional design

Jennifer Rayner
Beyond winning : party goals and campaign strategy in Australian elections

Tulika Saxena
Indian Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act: Stumbling or Striving Ahead?

Harvey Whiteford
Shaping mental health policy in Australia, 1988-2008




James Low
A commitment to professional reform: an administrative history of executive development and training in the Singapore Public Service, 1959 to 2001


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