Tables in the WEL History Submission Database

The WEL history project identified submissions that had been prepared by WEL groups over the years and entered them into a database.  The database is divided into a number of tables according to the WEL group that prepared the submission and the year of preparation.

Submissions were located in WEL archives in libraries in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney and identified from lists on WEL websites as well as lists prepared by WEL members. Others were found by searching through newsletters and small histories prepared by WEL groups as well as theses written about WEL.  Many submissions were in the boxes of material from the WEL National Office that were given to the project team. In addition, individual WEL members forwarded submissions in response to requests.

The tables give the source of the information about each submission and indicate with an asterisk* if the project team had a copy of the submission.

Table 1: WEL National (WEL Australia) Submissions, 1973 – 1979.
Table 2: WEL National (WEL Australia) Submissions, 1980 – 1989.
Table 3: WEL National (WEL Australia) Submissions, 1990 – 2009.
Table 4: WEL New South Wales Submissions, 1973 – 2008.
Table 5: WEL Victoria Submissions, 1973 – 1979.
Table 6: WEL Victoria Submissions, 1980 – 1989.
Table 7: WEL Victoria Submissions, 1990 – 2006.
Table 8: Submissions from WEL Groups in Queensland, 1973 – 2005.
Table 9: WEL Western Australia Submissions, 1973 – 2005.
Table 10: WEL South Australia Submissions, 1973 – 1999.
Table 11: WEL ACT Submissions, 1972 – 2003.
Table 12: WEL NT Submissions, 1979-1982.

In June 2010 the WEL history project’s collection of submissions and related material was given to the Manuscript Room in the National Library of Australia so the collection could be viewed there.

Dr Gail Radford
WEL history project team
16 June 2010

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