School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Richard Frank
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The SPIR seminar series brings together the School’s research community and domestic as well as international leaders in the field of politics and international affairs. Across each semester, the series showcases a diverse and exciting range of topics.

Upcoming events

Censorship without Borders: Everyday Internet Control and Censorship at the Local Governments in China

11am–12.30pm 1 Aug 2024

China has constructed a rigorous state apparatus to control its online social content. To date, research has largely focused on the central government's cyber...

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Past events

Mixed Signalling in China’s Foreign and Security Policy

30 May 2024

China’s emergence as a global power has led to confusion about its intentions as the country sends mixed signals. Beijing has been promoting its soft power for...

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Preventing a War of All Against All: Geographic Sorting in Open-List Proportional Representation Electoral Systems

23 May 2024

In open-list proportional representation (OLPR) systems, candidates must obtain personal votes to succeed. A general expectation about these systems is...

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In Two Minds: The role of Ambivalence in Political Preferences and the ‘Democratic Dilemma’

2 May 2024

Escalating concerns about citizen distrust and loss of support for representative democracy have driven an expansion in empirical research on political...

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Authoritarianism, Elections, and Partisan Sorting

18 Apr 2024

There has been a great deal of recent attention to democratic backsliding and growing authoritarian around the world. What’s missing, however, is an account of...

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Precolonial states and postcolonial democratisation

28 Mar 2024

Existing studies suggest that historical states have been an impediment to democratisation because they resisted the colonial transmission of nascent...

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High Court & Supreme Court oral argument: Interruptions, interventions, judicial strategy, & the effect of institutional rules

21 Mar 2024

This presentation compares the apex courts of Australia and the United States. There are a number of highly significant institutional differences between the...

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A China Shock or a Multinational Shock? The Role of MNC Value Chains in the Trade Shock

14 Mar 2024

Countries do not directly trade, firms do. Multinational firms (MNCs) account for most of the value of global imports and exports. How do MNC trade and...

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Reciprocal Communication and Political Deliberation on Twitter

7 Mar 2024

Social media platforms such as Twitter/X and Reddit are increasingly important for political communication: opinion leaders and influencers use social media...

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Constitution-Making in Divided Societies: Lessons from the Turkish CRC Experience

29 Feb 2024

Inclusive negotiations between different segments of society are rare in Turkish constitutional history. However, between 2011 and 2013 the country made an...

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Can Constitutional Reform Constrain Electoral Violence?

29 Feb 2024

Constitution-making is promoted as a means to encourage democratisation and peaceful politics. However, there is a dearth of studies investigating whether, and...

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