School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series


Richard Frank
School of Politics and International Relations Seminar Series

The SPIR seminar series brings together the School’s research community and domestic as well as international leaders in the field of politics and international affairs. Across each semester, the series showcases a diverse and exciting range of topics.

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Upcoming events

Can Constitutional Reform Constrain Electoral Violence?

11am–12.30pm 29 Feb 2024

Constitution-making is promoted as a means to encourage democratisation and peaceful politics. However, there is a dearth of studies investigating whether, and...

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Past events

Indigenous Institutions and Varieties of Colonisation in the Neo-Europes

22 Feb 2024

A growing body of literature seeks to understand the deep historical roots of modern day political institutions. This literature initially focused on the long...

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US Redistricting in Comparative Perspective

15 Feb 2024

While there are other countries, primarily English-speaking ones, which use first-past-the-post (plurality voting) in single-seat constituencies to elect...

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Toward a Theory and Measure of Racial Benevolence

8 Feb 2024

Most work on racial attitudes considers explicitly hostile outgroup evaluations. What about racial attitudes that appear subjectively positive but reinforce...

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Signalling a Mushroom Cloud: Explaining the Effect of Nuclear Signals on Crisis Outcomes

26 Oct 2023

When does signaling with nuclear weapons help states achieve their political aims during international crises? Rather than exploring the coercive effect of the...

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Why do men support increasing women's representation in politics? Group membership and group attachment in Australia

19 Oct 2023

It has been widely found that women are more likely than men to support increasing the presence of women in politics. The general argument stipulates that it...

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Appeasement as a Balancing Strategy

5 Oct 2023

Virtually all models of power shifts in international politics have assumed only two actors. In such settings, when expected shifts in power are sufficiently...

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Mapping China's Influence at the United Nations

28 Sep 2023

Research explains how powerful states exert influence when staffing the UN system, but how do emerging powers use international civil service contributions to...

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Political Elites, Misinformation, and Mobilisation: Evidence from Brazil

21 Sep 2023

Misinformation is a growing concern among the public and political elites. Yet we still lack a good understanding of the political effects of misinformation....

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Understanding Volunteerism and the "Bad Investment" Narrative: Typologies for Investments in Youth-led Peacebuilding

31 Aug 2023

International peacebuilding efforts are increasingly focused on the pursuit of inclusive practices to enable good governance for sustainable peace. Central to...

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Lessons from Robodebt; Relations between the APS and Ministers

24 Aug 2023

The presentation will summarise the findings of the Royal Commission, highlight the issues and recommendations relating to relations between the APS and...

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